Our specialty is the demolition of all steel structures and retrieval of all your scrap metal and recycling materials. A Trusted Partner
in Metals & Recycling.

A&Z Metals and Recycling was established In 2006.

A bit about us

The company was founded by Abdus-Samad Essack and Zubair Essack, with years of experience in the trade they have become a benchmark in the recycling world with innovative techniques and tireless workmanship.

Zubair Essack personally oversees all operations and technical specifications and supervises the onsite staff.

Scrap Metals

Cash for Scrap, Top Prices Paid!


Collections & Site Clearance

Changing the Metals & Recycling industry

We value respect, trust, transparency and the willingness to innovate. We hire people who share and demonstrate these values.

Our aim is to create a sustainable eco-friendly environment, recycling for our future!

We provide high quality Services and Solutions

A&Z Metals and Recycling did an excellent job of clearing out our new office space. I have worked with A&Z Metals and Recycling on various projects spanning from public sites and residential areas to commercial construction sites of various scale.


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