WELCOME TO A&Z Metals and Recycling

We are an esteemed recycling company located in Johannesburg. Collecting all and any unwanted scrap metals and recycling material, we are buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Our aim is to create a sustainable eco-friendly environment by use of recycling scrap metals for future generations. As we are aware the world is in a horrible state of pollution and illegal dumping.

For this reason it has allowed the recycling and the scrap metal industry to grow substantially due to placing, and re-using these wasted materials in a constructive, productive, environmentally friendly manner to ensure optimal output is guaranteed in the endeavour of Eco-Friendliness. We need you as our supplier to bring in your unwanted scrap metal and material by doing so, doing your part for a better tomorrow. Recycling for our future!


Picking up and weighing all scrap metals and recycling where clients can receive best prices remunerated for any unwanted scrap / recycling material with free collections for their convenience and offer this free door-to-door service complementary with our scale onsite.

We collect any and all Metals / Plastics / Papers / Electronic Recycling materials. We provide a trustable service guaranteed trustable service guaranteed where even you, our customer can oversee the operations done for your materials collected.


A&Z Metals and recycling was established in 2006 by Abdus-Samad Essack and Zubair Essack.

With years of experience in the trade they have become a benchmark in the recycling world with innovative techniques and tireless workmanship. Our Team personally oversees all operations and technical specifications and supervises the onsite staff.

Scrap Metals and Recycling Materials

Door to Door service and On-site Weighing

Free Collection & Site Clearance


Expertise, and professionalism

Our Speciality is the demolition of all steel structures and retrieval of all your scrap metal and recycling materials by our trained professionals in their respective fields.

We will arrive on site with all of our state of the art gas cutting tools and scaling equipment calibrated to perfection. We include complete on -site clearances. We use our specialized bin placement strategy on request to ensure all operations done on site are done in a professional and efficient manner.

Feel free to get in touch with us or send us a message at any time and we will give you a call back! We take great care in making our customer as priority number one and welcome your support.