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Plastic identification code Type of plastic polymer Properties Common packaging applications Melting- and glass transition temperatures (°C) Young’s modulus (GPa)
Symbol Resin Code 01 PET.svg
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE) Clarity, strength, toughness, barrier to gas and moisture. Soft drink, water and salad dressing bottles; peanut butter and jam jars; ice cream cone lids; small consumer electronics Tm = 250; Tg = 76 2–2.7
Symbol Resin Code 02 PE-HD.svg
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) Stiffness, strength, toughness, resistance to moisture, permeability to gas Water pipes, Gas & Fire Pipelines, Electrical & Communications conduit, hula hoop rings, five gallon buckets, milk, juice and water bottles; grocery bags, some shampoo/toiletry bottles Tm = 130; Tg = −125 0.8
Symbol Resin Code 03 PVC.svg
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Versatility, ease of blending, strength, toughness. Blister packaging for non-food items; cling films for non-food use. May be used for food packaging with the addition of the plasticisers needed to make natively rigid PVC flexible. Non-packaging uses are electrical cable insulation; rigid piping; vinyl records. Tm = 240; Tg = 85 2.4–4.1
Symbol Resin Code 04 PE-LD.svg
Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) Ease of processing, strength, toughness, flexibility, ease of sealing, barrier to moisture. Frozen food bags; squeezable bottles, e.g. honey, mustard; cling films; flexible container lids Tm = 120; Tg = −125 0.17–0.28
Symbol Resin Code 05 PP.svg
Polypropylene (PP) Strength, toughness, resistance to heat, chemicals, grease and oil, versatile, barrier to moisture. Reusable microwaveable ware; kitchenware; yogurt containers; margarine tubs; microwave-able disposable take away containers; disposable cups; soft drink bottle caps; plates. Tm = 173; Tg = −10 1.5–2
Symbol Resin Code 06 PS.svg
Polystyrene (PS) Versatility, clarity, easily formed Egg cartons; packing peanuts; disposable cups, plates, trays and cutlery; disposable take-away containers Tm = 240 (only isotactic); Tg = 100 (atactic and isotactic) 3–3.5
Symbol Resin Code 07 O.svg
Other (often polycarbonate or ABS) Dependent on polymers or combination of polymers Beverage bottles, baby milk bottles. Non-packaging uses for polycarbonate, compact discs, “unbreakable” glazing, electronic apparatus housing, lenses (including sunglasses), prescription glasses, automotive headlamps, riot shields, instrument panels Polycarbonate: Tg = 145; Tm = 225 Polycarbonate: 2.6; ABS plastics: 2.3